SBML Level 3 Version 1 Core Release 2

Release 2 of the Core specification of SBML Level 3 Version 1 was published on 28 December 2016. The Release 2 specification can be found at:

Identifier for this specification is:

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Michael Hucka, Frank T. Bergmann, Andreas Dräger, Stefan Hoops, Sarah M. Keating, Nicholas Le Novère, Chris J. Myers, Brett G. Olivier, Sven Sahle, James C. Schaff, Lucian P. Smith, Dagmar Waltemath, and Darren J. Wilkinson. (2018). The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML): Language Specification for Level 3 Version 1 Core. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 15(1), 20170080.